Who we help and how

Who we help

We help industrial and commercial facilities which have motors, drives, and generators. We work best when these customers want a trusted advisor in electrical safety, reliability, and energy efficiency.

Facilities come to us when they're:

  • Wanting a reliable and convenient pipeline to order products 
  • Needing engineering support for electrical issues 
  • Looking to integrate new products, services, or processes 
  • Missing full product lifecycle service and support 
  • Evaluating the different components of their electrical system as a whole
  • Looking for an advisor that they can call any time with any problem 

How we help

Needs discovery

We talk to you and the experts at your facility to identify your questions, wants, needs, challenges, and goals. Our goal is to address what’s most important to you, so we first need to learn what that is. We’ll talk about what has worked and what hasn’t in the past. When necessary, we’ll conduct site and asset assessments to gather all the needed information.

Value analysis

Our team of engineers, product managers, and designers will look at the information we gathered on your system. Value analysis takes place to identify areas to elevate safety, reliability, and energy efficiency. We identify potential process improvements and calculate overall cost savings to you as the facility manager.

Collaborative solutions with options

Solutions work best when they are collaborative and involve your feedback. We’ll talk with you and recap the needs we discovered and the value we believe can be added. We’ll provide options for good/better/best solutions so that it can fit your system and your budget. Feedback is a crucial part of this process in order to make sure we’ve correctly understood what we need.

Repair, replace, create, install

All we need is a yes and we can get started. When you feel confident that you have the best solution, we use the resources at our disposal to deliver to products or services you want. This includes production shops, repair facilities, on-site installation, monitoring, or a variety of other services. We’ll provide the information you need to prepare for the product or service you’re receiving.

Review. Adjust. T.E.A.M.

We don’t stop at product or service delivery. Reviewing after delivery helps to assure that your needs are being met by the solutions we provided. If we need to adjust, we’ll work together to make the right changes. Our T.E.A.M. (Total Electrical Asset Management) philosophy helps to maintain your equipment throughout its lifetime and avoid critical downtime and surprise expenses. 

Talk with us about your facility

If we described you, your facility, and your needs, you are the type of person that we serve best. We’ve seen our EMC Process help many customers, and we’d love to help you. Reach out and we can start solving your concerns today.