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Arc Flash Fundamentals

[Arc Flash Webinar]
New to arc flash? We will walk you through different definitions, safety ratings, PPE types, regulations, and more. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, you will learn a thing or two. Let's take your safety standard up a notch at your facility and keep every employee safe.

An Active Approach to Harmonic Correction

[Power Quality Webinar]
Harmonics is often an overlooked problem that lowers the performance of your equipment and potentially causes problems to your neighbors downstream. Do you know how much it is hurting your facility? We will take a comprehensive look at the different types of harmonics, the negative effects they bring, things to pay attention while pairing with VFDs or generators, and different options of harmonic mitigation.

Natural Gas VS Diesel Generators

[Generator Webinar]
How do you go about choosing a generator? Is natural gas better or is diesel better? In this webinar, we will walk you through how to choose an industrial generator step by step.


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2500 HP 4160 V Medium Voltage VFD for reciprocatingcompressor

March 3, 2022   Author:    Categories: Medium Voltage VFD Projects   Tags: ,

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Motor specialists rewinding a motor

Remedies For Common Motor Winding Failures

February 6, 2022   Author:    Categories: Electric Motors Uncategorized   Tags:

Winding failure is the second most common motor failure. Almost one in five motor failures happen because of stator winding errors. There are a couple of reasons behind stator winding failures. Below is a list of common issues and the […]

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Motor service banner

What To Do About Common Motor Bearing Failures

January 13, 2022   Author:    Categories: Electric Motors   Tags:

If you’re having problems with motor bearings, you’re not alone. Bearing failures make up more than half of all electric motor failures globally. Statistics vary widely but anywhere between 35-75% of bearing failures are preventable. This guide is intended to […]

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How to Reduce Noise in Standby Generators

June 18, 2021   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags:

Noise Pollution As technology takes an ever prominent place in society, electricity is an extremely important part of everyday life. When faced with a power outage, a standby generator can be a lifesaver – literally! However, standby generators are a […]

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What’s Wrong With My Generator? – Generator Troubleshooting

June 2, 2021   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags:

Why Does My Generator Keep Shutting Off? One of the most commonly asked questions regarding generator troubleshooting is “Why does my generator run for a short period of time, and then shut off?”  We asked our most experienced technicians this […]

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Common Causes of VFD Failure

May 20, 2021   Author:    Categories: VFDs   Tags:

Keeping Your VFD Maintained The first thing you should know when purchasing a VFD is to keep it clean, cool, and dry. If you follow these three recommendations, the life of your VFD will be greatly extended. Unfortunately, there will […]

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How To Prevent a Generator Fire

April 28, 2021   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags:

Learning From Disasters Could you imagine owning a data center that catches fire from a generator during a utility power outage and cause irreparable damage to your customer’s servers? How much more painful would this news be if you discovered […]

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Common Causes of Motor Failure & How to Prevent Them

April 9, 2021   Author:    Categories: Electric Motors   Tags:

Is Your Motor Showing Early Warning Signs? Motors need to be dependable but if you don’t maintain your motor, you could suffer motor failure. Motors can be expensive to repair and if motors fail it could be a huge loss. […]

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Why Does My Generator Run, but Not Produce Electricity?

April 2, 2021   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags:

Loss of Generator Production? Generators are large, intricate, power generating machines that we heavily rely on to keep the world running when a loss of utility power occurs. But what do we do if our generator stops producing that power? […]

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Why is My Generator Causing Power Surges?

March 25, 2021   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags:

Noticing Issues With Your Generator? Have you noticed lights flickering, or varying machine speeds (sudden shifts between fast and slow) when you’re running on backup power? This phenomenon is referred to as surging. Power surging caused by your generator is […]

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