Total Electrical Asset Management

Total Electrical Asset Managementâ„¢ is Energy Management Corporation's solution to your company's rising costs due to the deterioration of your electrical assets. We lower the confusion, responsibility, and risk associated with keeping your electrical assets running at their fullest efficiency. Energy Management Corporation is very proud to offer this service to our most important clients. Please explore this topic and learn how it can save your company money, time, and other valuable resources.

Why Use Energy Management Corporation?

There are many reasons to use Energy Management Corporation's TEAMâ„¢ as your service resource. Some of which are:
Money Savings:
The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reports that power anomalies cause close to $188 billion in annual losses due mostly to unplanned power outages. This number is unacceptable and can be lowered if company's realized the importance of electrical asset management.
Planned Versus Unplanned Power:
Outages It is recommended practice that your company plans a shutdown to replace any electrical equipment and run any tests to prevent unplanned power outages. As I mentioned above, unplanned power outages caused a huge portion of the $188 billion in annual losses, making them one of the largest culprits of many company's financial and safety losses. Controlling this problem can increase productivity, efficiency, and reliability.
The Importance of training:
Training is a definite emphasis of Electrical Asset Management. Our many training courses can teach your electrical team the importance of proper scheduled maintenance, operation, and safety.

Power Quality

It is becoming more difficult to control and analyze new technologies (i.e. VFDs, UPSs, computers, automated controls, etc.). Many of the electrical environments of today and yesterday are not capable of handling the demands of the nonlinear loads form new technologies.

Lately, the growing concern for energy conservation and the cost savings of using the new technology has increased the need for our expertise in power quality.

For years, we at Energy Management Corporation have been providing these, and other services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the intermountain west.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) reports that the average, well-managed electrical supply system in North America experiences about 8.8 hours of power outages annually. This can damage your electrical equipment significantly and cost you in significant fines through your power provider.

Any occurrence manifested in voltage, current, or frequency deviations that results in failure or miss-operation of end-us equipment. Is concerned to be a power quality issue!

Power Factor Correction
In the West, the utility company will charge their customers a penalty for a power factor adjustment or demand charge. In most cases, this penalty charge is based on an established power factor reading taken at the common point of a coupling, or metering point in the utility.

Adding power factor correction capacitors will eliminate this penalty.

Our Power Factor Correction Audit will determine what Kilovolt-Amperes, KVAR, capacitors are needed to eliminate the penalty.

Surge Protection Devices (SPDs / TVSS)
Small surges and lulls are pulsing through your power system at all times. These are sometimes caused by external forces such as lightning, but most electrical transients are caused internally by something as simple as a computer being turned on or a product being scanned. These transients are taking time from the equipment's life and will cost your company to replace the damaged equipment.

Scheduled Maintenance

Why Scheduled Maintenance?
A scheduled maintenance program is a must when you require longevity and reliability from your electric motors, variable frequency drives (VFD), and backup generators. Energy Management Corporation can customize a scheduled maintenance schedule to fit your needs. This schedule is based on many factors, some of which are: how corrosive the environment is, how long your equipment has been installed, and how hard your operations push the equipment. Through Energy Management Corporation's team of experts and excellent field service team, we can provide you with peace-of-mind and confidence.

Scheduled Maintenance Profile Analysis
A scheduled maintenance profile analysis is just one test our Electrical Asset Management team can perform on your equipment. The objective of the scheduled maintenance profile analysis is to review your electrical distribution, including backup power system and motor controls, with non-invasive instrumentation and to determine the present condition of your electrical distribution system. The data collected will be used to determine what repairs are needed and create a history reference for future scheduled maintenance inspections.

Scheduled Maintenance Contracts
In addition to offering individual scheduled maintenance services, we offer full scheduled maintenance contracts. These contracts are customized to your facility and will cover almost all of the scheduled maintenance activities required to keeping your company running at its most efficient.

Typical Scheduled Maintenance Procedures
Typical scheduled maintenance procedures include: Testing, inspection, calibrations, replacements, rebuilds, spares management, and report generation. There are scheduled maintenance services we offer for every piece of electrical equipment in your company.