What is an Arc Flash?

An arc flash is the result of a short circuit in energized equipment where the current flows through the air from one exposed live conductor to another conductor (a person or a different piece of equipment), or to ground. Arc flash occurs often; over 80% of electrical injuries involve arc flash.

What Causes an Arc Flash?

An arc flash can be set off for a number of reasons, including:
-Equipment malfunctions
-inadequate safety procedures
-Lack of training
-Dropped tools
-Dust or other impurities in the air
-Breaks or gaps in the insulation

What does OSHA Require?

Every employer must set up an effective worker safety program. However, OSHA does not walk an employer through the process; employers must, instead, rely on experts like Energy Management Corporation (EMC) to identify potential safety risks and advise for the safest working conditions.

What does EMC Provide?

-In Depth Arc Flash Study (Download our arc flash PPE flyer)
-Verification of protective device coordination
-Review of existing electrical arc flash safety plan
-Review of existing short circuit analysis -Calculate incident energy and identify risks
-Review application of PPE in accordance to NFPA
-Full arc flash safety plan to comply with codes CEU safety plan training

Dangerous Effects of Arc Flashes

-Skin to instantly melt and clothing to ignite
-Death to those even 10 feet from the event
-Severe loss of memory or brain function
-The lungs to collapse from intense pressure
instant deafness from the noise

Action Must be Taken

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to assess the worplace for arc flash hazards that are present or likely present. For dates on trainings and seminars offered by Energy Management Corporation, call or email us.