Who We Help And How?

Like many of our clients, you are part of an organization that doesn’t get recognized for the service you provide. We take pride in servicing the country’s infrastructural, manufacturing, and industrial backbone. Many people may not know you’re running, but they sure would see if you weren’t.

Whether you run a few three-phase electric motors or a thousand, we help motor, VFD, and generator users get the most out of their equipment.

Top-Quality Equipment Stocked And Ready To Ship

Energy Management Corporation strives to provide you with the best available products. Our application experts work hard to bring the best options to our clients.  

With access to industry-leading inventory, we will find you the product that best suits your needs.

Electrical Engineering And Application Experts

Larger-scale projects require specific expertise. We offer experienced guidance and service on planning installation and system integration, ensuring your system will operate at its full potential.

Our application experts have seen just about everything in the industry. We don’t want anything to go wrong with your system. We have the best solutions for your application in any environment and can integrate them with existing systems.

How Can We Help?

Work with industry-leading experts and specialists to:

  • Find stock of the best equipment for any power system
  • Prevent overwhelming downtime due to drive, motor, and generator problems
  • Compare price, features, and brands to find the best option
  • Reduce system inefficiencies and improve power quality
  • Solve product infrastructure, provide new solutions to aging problems
  • Ensure specs are complete yet economical
  • Stay current on best practices and emerging technologies

Why work with us?

There are several benefits to working with us. You might not find the cheapest option here, but you’ll get the highest quality equipment fit for your system, delivered fast and backed by expert technical support and service.

Readily Available Technical Support

You can call our expert technicians and engineers to help you find, install, and optimize your power systems. We’ll help you from before you make a purchase to maintaining your product after. Ultimately, we want to ensure you get the best equipment and optimize it to perform at its best.

Service Expertise

If you’re located in an EMC service area, consider us your safety net because we’re there for you when it matters most. Crisis response from Energy Management Corporation experts is only a phone call or email away. Our team is the best in the industry and can solve any problem you’re facing.