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The Ultimate Arc Flash Guide

New to arc flash? - We will walk you through different definitions, safety ratings, PPE types, regulations, and more. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, you will learn a thing or two. Let's take your safety standard up a notch at your facility and keep every employee safe.

An Active Approach to Harmonic Correction

[Power Quality Webinar] - Harmonics is often an overlooked problem. It lowers the performance of your equipment and potentially causes problems to your neighbors downstream. But do you know how much it is hurting your facility?

In this webinar, we will take a comprehensive look at the different types of harmonics, the negative effects they bring, things to pay attention while pairing with VFDs or generators, and different options of harmonic mitigation.

Natural Gas vs Diesel Generators

[Generator Webinar] - How do you go about choosing a generator? Is natural gas better or is diesel better? In this webinar, we will walk you through how to choose an industrial generator step by step.

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Webinar: VFDs and Generators

June 10, 2021   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: ,

In our latest webinar, we are collaborating with Control Techniques to bring you the do’s and dont’s when using VFDs with generators.

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Webinar: Generator Provisioning and Installation

November 13, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: ,

This webinar will cover the following topics: Proper Installation of Standby GeneratorsAvailable Options for Standby GeneratorsController RequirementsProper Grounding & BondingSystem DesignSound Level ConsiderationsProper MountingFuel Options

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Webinar: Generator Standards and Codes

November 5, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: ,

This webinar will cover the following topics: Compliance with NFPA 110UL Standards and CodesEPA Standards and CodesInstallation Standards and CodesMiscellaneous Code Requirements

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Webinar: Generator NEC Updates

October 29, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: ,

This webinar will be an NEC update specific to generators and we will cover the following topics: Top 17 generator NEC rules Emergency, legally required, and optional standby generatorsProper grounding of generator systemsLocal code exceptions to NEC

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Webinar: The Evolution of Medium Voltage VFD

October 23, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: ,

In this webminar, our VP of Engineering Craig Hartman talks about the evolution of medium voltage VFDs over time, including changes in technology and hardware, and answering questions from the audience.

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Webinar: Transfer Switch

October 15, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags:

During this week’s webinar, we will cover the following transfer switch topics: Introduction to transfer switchesTime delay vs. in phaseClosed vs. openService entrance ratingSeparately derived vs. non-separately derivedShort circuit considerations

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Webinar: Generator Sizing

August 27, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags:

This webinar will include the following topics:

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Webinar: Medium Voltage VFD Buying Guide

August 20, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags: , ,

This webinar will cover several topics on medium voltage VFDs, including: History and the advancement of the technologyDifferences in topology and performancePower factor and harmonicsMotor performance and wave formsSafety and maintenanceNEC considerations

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Webinar: Power Factor Control

August 4, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags:

This webinar will cover: Defining Power FactorDifference between Displacement, Distortive and True Power FactorEffects of Poor Power Factor on Distribution SystemsCorrecting Power Factor with CapacitorsEffects of Resonance and Harmonics on CapacitorsStatic Var Generator Theory and Applications

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Webinar: Generator Paralleling

July 23, 2020   Author:    Categories: Webinar   Tags:

This webinar will cover: Recommendations for generator parallelingIsochronous vs. Droop parallelingIntegrated paralleling vs. external parallelingParalleling redundancyReduction of maintenance costs by paralleling (total cost of ownership)Paralleling reliability analysisParalleling advantages for emergency power systems

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