What are surges?

A surge is a random, high energy, short duration voltage event. Also referred to as transients, impulses or spikes, these random electrical disturbances can damage or destroy sensitive microprocessor-based equipment.

Sources of surges:
Although external transient surges including lightning strikes, utility grid switching and equipment action at adjacent buildings are easily recognized high energy surge events, they only account for 20% of all surges faced by a facility. 80% of surges are the results of internal switching transients (turning on/off motors, transformers, photocopiers, etc.). Wiring, grounding errors and surges (also known as transient voltages) are among the most common power quality issues facing facilities today – resulting in safety concerns, equipment damage and costly downtime.

TVSS is not luxury - it's a necessity.
In today’s highly competitive markets, surge suppression is recognized as the key to solving transient related power quality problems. Small businesses, manufacturers, multinational corporations and defense research facilities worldwide have learned that their initial investments in surge suppression can be quickly returned by reducing equipment damage, decreasing maintenance costs and improving system uptime. Choosing a surge suppression manufacturer with a reputation for quality products and services is vital to ensure your investments in valuable systems, hardware and operations are safeguarded. Eaton is that manufacturer.


The System Shield Solution

System Shield is a proven, effective method for total facility protection. This layered approach protects all of your electrical and electronic equipment, from powerful motors to sophisticated lighting controls and sensitive computer-based controllers. With System Shield, protection begins at the incoming power panels and extends to system distribution centers, panel breakers, points of use, and even individual equipment. This coordinated approach is supported by the Emerald Book (IEEE Std. 1100-2005), a definitive reference published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). This standard states "It is recommended that additional [SPDs] be applied to downstream electrical switchboards and panel boards if they support. ANSI/IEEE C62.41-2002 separates a typical facility into three location categories, each characterized by differing exposure levels, transient wave shapes, voltage/current levels and transient sources. The category locations illustrated here (C, B & A) serve as the basis for a simplified explanation of the System Shield Solution.

The I.T. Protector

The Innovative Technology Protector series is a premier line of surge protective devices designed to provide excellent protection under the harshest electrical conditions. These UL 1449 and UL1283 listed products meet strict guidelines for durability and protection and are backed up by a 20-year free replacement warranty. Available in peak surge current capacities from 48 kA to 400 kA per phase and with the optional Power Event Monitor, Eaton has all your surge protection needs covered with the I.T. Protector!


  • Symmetrical current distribution and high current density capability. Fault current tested at 200 kAIC and surge current tested to in excess of rated per mode peak surge current, per NEMA LS-1. Ultra-low junction impedance connection points. Up to 20-year warranty
  • Integrated design utilizes advanced computer modeling and circuit simulation for total coordination for all circuit elements
  • ATN- Suppresses both switching generated ringing and high-energy impulse generating transients. Provides highest level of protection for critical and sensitive loads plus effective real world UL 1283 listed EMI/RFI filtering. Superior performance is independently tested and verified
  • LED per phase diagnostics and dry relay contacts continuously monitor the SPD and electrical system. Optional S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics adds an audible alarm, surge counter and phase loss monitor
  • All-mode protection- Assures all possible transient paths to load equipment are covered. Provides highest level of load equipment protection
  • NEMA 4 and 4X enclosure- Allows weatherproof installation in the most demanding industrial and commercial environments


  • Long term reliable solutions to transient problems
  • Assures balanced performance with low measured limiting voltage
  • Confidence that sensitive equipment will be protected from the corrosive effects of frequent transients
  • Quick assessment of TVSS functionality. Optional surge counter indicates transient activity that the TVSS has addressed. Instant indication of suppression circuit faults and circuit status
  • Confidence that all possible and probable paths are covered
  • Strength, versatility and wide array of installations

Power Event Monitor

Eaton has enhanced the protection provided by the Protector line of transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) with the Innovative Technology TVSS Power Event Monitor. While the TVSS protects the electrical distribution system from harmful transient voltages, the TVSS Power Event Monitor notifies the facility personnel of where and when such surges occur. The TVSS Power Event Monitor helps users gauge and monitor power surges, whether onsite or remotely via standard communication protocols, so you can take corrective action.


  • Notifies the facility of where and when surges occur
  • Ethernet capabilities allow technicians to instantly access all monitoring and event data by using TVSS Power Event Monitor software
  • Works as an integrated device into Innovative Technology Protector series TVSS products (80, 160, 300, and 400 kA models)
  • Detects, monitors and reports a wide array of power quality events (including voltage sags, swells, and transients)
  • Operates efficiently in a wide range of environments including military, marine, manufacturing and critical facility applications
  • Manufactured by EATON's Innovative Technology group


  • Allows for immediate corrective action
  • Confidence that you can monitor your power system whether you're onsite or working remotely
  • Enhances system capability without increasing footprint size
  • Enables facility managers to pinpoint the source and location of harmful power events, both internal and external
  • Strength, versatility and wide array of installations
  • With over 20 years of TVSS manufacturing experience, Eaton's Innovative Technology group again raises the bar for transient protection with this innovative product feature

The I.T. Equalizer

I.T. Equalizer Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) provide high quality transient voltage surge suppression for industrial and commercial applications. Field proven with unsurpassed durability, reinforced by a ten-year free replacement warranty, the EQX line is available in a variety of configurations and current capacities from 40 kA – 160 kA per phase. The I.T. Equalizer is THE choice for cost-effective, high quality systems protection.


  • High Energy Capable Surge Paths
  • Rugged Steel Enclosure
  • Threshold Response Network
  • Active Tracking Network (ATN) EMI/RFI Filter
  • Circuit Diagnostics


  • Unsurpassed durability
  • High frequency, high surge current printed circuit board design
  • Threaded Conduit Fitting and Integral Mounting Feet
  • Suppresses high energy impulse transients
  • Provides robust protection
  • Redundant MOVs
  • Peak Surge Current tested to NEMA LS-1
  • Suppresses switching generated ringing transients
  • Nanosecond response time
  • Filters disruptive noise
  • UL1283 listed
  • Provides indication of system status
  • Dry relay contacts
  • LED Indicators

XT Series Surge Protective Devices

XT Series Protective Devices (SPD) provide high quality transient voltage surge suppression for light industrial, commercial, point of use and OEM applications. The XT Series is the industry‘s first UL1449 Third Edition listed product to achieve a best-in-class of 20,000 amp nominal discharge current. The XT series is available in a variety of configurations and surge current capacities of 50 and 100kA per phase.

Residential Protection

Sensitive electronic products throughout a home are subjected to transients generated by home sources such as HVAC systems, garage door openers, laundry machines and other electrical loads as well as external sources such as lightning, outages and utility switching.

The Innovative Technology line of residential surge protection devices protect computers, large screen televisions, game consoles and other sensitive electronic devices from the effects of repetitive transients and lightning. Your Innovative Technology master distributor can help you choose the right protection for your home.