jim white ubic risk manager of the year 2014

Jim White Named 2014 UBIC’s Risk Manager of the Year

Wed, 2014-12-10 11:13

A recipient of only seven awards given each year at the M7 Awards

Salt Lake City, Utah (December 3rd, 2014) – It’s safe to say that Jim White doesn’t take the safety of his employees lightly. As the Chief Operations Officer for Energy Management Corporation (EMC), Jim White has worked hard to develop a culture of safety at EMC. For that reason, he was nominated for and awarded the 2014 M7 Risk Manager of the Year.

The annual M7 Awards honors seven of the best and brightest insurance professionals, policyholders, and business partners—dubbing them the “Magnificent Seven”. According to the UBIC, the Risk Manager of the Year award is given to an individual who creates an “outstanding safety program” and has “shown great responsibility for providing a safe work environment” for their employees.

With the safety of the EMC employees a top priority, Jim White has been able to successfully implement proven safety techniques to fit EMC’s own distinct safety needs. It is this approach that has made Jim White so effective in EMC’s goal of maintaining a safe work environment every day.

“At Energy Management we always start every day with a safety tip, a safety share, something relevant,” says Jim White of the safety culture he’s helped to develop at EMC. The safety share is a safety tip EMC borrowed from Kennecott, and is just one technique that EMC now uses to keep employee safety at the forefront each day.

“We are proud of our individual departments, and especially Jim White, for striving to meet our corporate goal of safety,” said EMC President Wayne Turnbow, “We continually strive to have safety be our number one issue.”

For more information on the M7 Awards, please visit the UBIC’s website