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Industry Case Studies

Look for your industry to get a better understanding of how Total Electrical Asset Management™ (T.E.A.M.™) can affect you.

Aircraft / Aviation

One small quality issue can cause plane wrecks and even deaths. With so much at stake for a proper product, there is little room for error. This industry understands the importance of proper power quality and adequate surge protection against internal transients.

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With so much relying on the need for the correct process to occur at the correct time, an unscheduled power outage can cause havoc to your plant's productivity. Proper care and preventative maintenance of your electrical assets can lower injuries and costs.


Data Centers

With almost the entire industry relying on electrical equipment, Electrical Asset Management is particularly important to your company. Poor power quality can cause transients, bursts of energy or small brownouts, to quickly eat away at even your smallest pieces of electrical equipment, significantly shortening the life of your assets and costing your company money. Through Electrical Asset Management, we can monitor your power quality and minimize transients and their damaging effects.


Electric Utility

Any electric utility company knows the physical danger and waste of resources resulting from unexpectedly downed equipment. Those lost resources can damage your company's reputation and profits. Don't let it happen to you. Unexpected downtimes can be minimized by using our custom Electrical Asset Management approach to preventative maintenance. We can increase the life and safety of your assets (human and machine).

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Food Manufacturing

Often dealing with temperature and age sensitive ingredients, a food manufacturer relies on reliable electrical equipment. Electrical asset management can give you the reliability you need.

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According to EATON, the average age of a US government building is about forty-five years old. Since much of our modern electrical equipment hasn't been in use for that length of time, the facilities do not handle the equipment as well as more modern buildings. This can cause problems with power quality and can overheat most electrical equipment. Through Electrical Asset Management, we can detect these problems before they cause electrical damage through a fire or outage


Health Care

The NFPA, JCAHO, NEC, ASHE and many other organizations have set standards to assure safe and efficient operation of your equipment. It is important to note that compliance with these standards often reduces liability insurance and is seen as a degree of professionalism.



This industry, above all others, truly knows the importance of education and training. One major aspect of Electrical Asset Management is the training we offer through our many experts. We offer training courses and lunch & learn opportunities. Our trained staff uses the best and most current equipment to demonstrate basic and advanced principals.



Much of the recreation industry relies on advancements in electrical technology. It is important to keep electrical assets running correctly for their full life.

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Electrical Asset Management is especially important in this industry since an unplanned outage can risk the safety of your coworkers and can cause your resources to drop quickly. Just think about how much more income your equipment could have produced without unscheduled downtime.

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In the fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, the last thing you want to worry about is maintaining your electrical assets. So, let us do it for you. We have the skills and tools to make maintenance a breeze.

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Reliability is of extreme importance in this industry. A customer expects to have the same exceptional service and experience every time. When your electrical assets are functioning correctly, most customers won't notice, but once your electrical assets fail, all customers will notice. It only takes one bad experience to lose a customer. Don't lose your customers. Take initiative and let us manager your electrical assets.

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In the telecommunications industry working electrical assets are crucial. Companies in this industry will not survive through many unplanned outages. It is important to manage your electrical assets effectively. We have the tools and skills to do this.