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Arc Flash Fundamentals

[Arc Flash Webinar]
New to arc flash? We will walk you through different definitions, safety ratings, PPE types, regulations, and more. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned pro, you will learn a thing or two. Let's take your safety standard up a notch at your facility and keep every employee safe.

An Active Approach to Harmonic Correction

[Power Quality Webinar]
Harmonics is often an overlooked problem that lowers the performance of your equipment and potentially causes problems to your neighbors downstream. Do you know how much it is hurting your facility? We will take a comprehensive look at the different types of harmonics, the negative effects they bring, things to pay attention while pairing with VFDs or generators, and different options of harmonic mitigation.

Natural Gas VS Diesel Generators

[Generator Webinar]
How do you go about choosing a generator? Is natural gas better or is diesel better? In this webinar, we will walk you through how to choose an industrial generator step by step.


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Water Pump Application: Custom VFD Panel

June 4, 2020   Author:    Categories: VFDs   Tags: ,

A look at one of our latest VFD panels designed for a water pump application. The panel is equipped with a 150HP, 460V Mitsubishi F840 Ethernet (NEMA 1) VFD, with input and output line reactors.

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Low Voltage vs. Medium Voltage VFDs (Considerations to be Aware Of)

May 14, 2020   Author:    Categories: VFDs   Tags: ,

Should You Go Medium Voltage? Most technicians, engineers, etc. in the industry are familiar with low voltage (LV) drives and are aware of their advantages and limitations. Not many people are aware of the advantages and limitations of medium voltage […]

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Industrial generator on building roof top in city

Natural Gas vs. Diesel Generators

May 12, 2020   Author:    Categories: Generators   Tags: ,

To Natural Gas or to Diesel? Over the past decade an aging power grid and increase in extreme weather events has led to an increase of power outages. With technology ruling our current world, when power is down, productivity grinds […]

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Custom VFD Panel for Water Pump Station

April 24, 2020   Author:    Categories: VFDs   Tags: ,

A look at one of our latest VFD panels with multiple Mitsubishi VFDs to control a water pump station at a local municipality.

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Motor Reconditioning: 3500HP Compressor Motor

April 3, 2020   Author:    Categories: Motor Services

Our motor shop recently completed a reconditioning of this 3500HP compressor motor from an oil refinery. The reconditioning job included grinding the journals to meet clearance standards, re-pouring the Babbitt bearings, balancing the rotor, re-insulating the stator, assembling and running […]

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Custom VFD Panel for Centrifugal Pump

March 6, 2020   Author:    Categories: VFDs

One of the latest projects in our custom VFD panel shop – 400HP Mitsubishi F800-E VFD Panel for a centrifugal pump.

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Motor Reconditioning: GE 300 HP Motor

March 4, 2020   Author:    Categories: Motor Services Projects Uncategorized

This GE motor is a 300 HP 2300 V 1800 RPM that was serviced in our motor shop in Rock Springs, Wyoming. After rewinding and reconditioning, the stator went through multiple VPI cycles to give it the highest quality mechanical […]

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Motor Reconditioning: Siemens 800 HP Motor

January 10, 2020   Author:    Categories: Motor Services

Randy from our Salt Lake shop was working on balancing and polishing a Siemens 800 HP motor for a refinery.

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Motor Reconditioning: Westinghouse 600 kVA

January 7, 2020   Author:    Categories: Motor Services

Here is a Westinghouse 600 kVA Generator that has been rewound and fully reconditioned by our Salt Lake City motor shop.

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UL Type 4X – 60 HP VFD Panel

January 7, 2020   Author:    Categories: VFDs

Our shop built this custom UL Type 4X – 60 HP VFD Panel featuring PLC and a touchscreen HMI. Thanks to our Hoffman ModCenter we can easily work with all makes and models of VFDs and controls.

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