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FLIR E-Series Transforms Infrared Diagnostics with Wi-Fi Connectivity & more


FLIR Systems (NASDAQ: FLIR) announced the FLIR E-Series: four all-new compact thermal imaging cameras that offer superior infrared diagnostic capabilities coupled with industry-first innovations like Wi-Fi connectivity to mobile devices such as iPhones® and iPads®. FLIR’s new E30, E40, E50, and E60 accelerate diagnostics for plant maintenance/MRO, electrical and HVAC technicians, energy auditors, facilities inspectors, and pro thermographers, helping them find problems more quickly and easily, and communicate issues more effectively with state-of-the-art tools.

Leveraging decades of global leadership in infrared technology, the FLIR E-Series introduces a mix of professional-grade specifications and all-new features designed to redefine the compact, point-and-shoot thermal imaging camera market:
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Superior Thermal Imaging

Up to 76,800 pixels (320 × 240) IR resolution coupled with 2% accuracy, <0.05˚C thermal sensitivity, 4x digital zoom, and 60Hz refresh rate for unbeatable detail and the highest level of point-and-shoot image quality available.

3MP Digital Camera

Use the built-in LED lamp and visual camera with 3 megapixel resolution to capture crisply detailed visible light images even in poorly-lit sites.

Wide 3.5” Full-View Touchscreen

Brighter than other brands, the E-Series’ wide touchscreen displays images using the entire screen, with no cropping, while offering the industry’s most intuitive and easy-to-use control interface.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Send images and data to mobile devices like an iPhone or iPad to share reports and critical information quickly.

Laser Pointer and Marker

Built-in laser pointer simplifies aiming and records a corresponding marker on your IR image for precise annotation.

Scalable P-i-P and Thermal Fusion

Add compelling context to your images by overlaying thermal and visible images using picture-in-picture and blended fusion capabilities.

Maximum Measurement Capabilities

Use up to 5 measurement modes with up to 3 measurement points you can move on the touchscreen for added detail or comparisons. Modes include: 3 Spots (center); 3 Area Boxes (Min/Max); Isotherm (above/below); Auto hot/cold spot; delta T.


Improve diagnostics and strengthen report findings by wirelessly transmitting vital diagnostic data from Extech clamp meters and moisture meters directly to the camera using Bluetooth for instant annotation on thermal images.

Voice & Text Annotation

Ditch the notebook and voice recorder. Now, add text notes using the touchscreen keypad and record voice comments using your Bluetooth headset—even insert voice comments into multimedia diagnostic reports!


Offer customers “while-you-wait” reports by quickly generating a professional PDF report while on-site, directly from the camera – without cables or a PC. Easily share reports using Wi-Fi or a USB memory stick.

Versatile Radiometric JPEGs

Store up to 1,000 images in FLIR’s exclusive radiometric JPEG format. Radiometric JPEGS store temperature data for diagnostics and analysis but they can also be easily shared as-is via email or in Word docs without losing any temperature data and without any software conversion or file export process.

The FLIR E-Series stands out as a small, light, and rugged thermal imager that is loaded with extras such as large, backlit, easy-to-operate buttons and controls, 6 palette choices (all 6 can be inverted), MPEG4 video recording and Wi-Fi video streaming, composite video-out and more.

For identifying electrical, mechanical, or building envelope issues, the affordable FLIR E-Series cameras quickly pay for themselves by revealing problems such as a faulty motor or bearing, before a failure or expensive tear-down occurs. Finding an infrared camera for your in-house facility predictive maintenance program that’s easy on your budget and armed with class-leading capabilities just got easier. FLIR E-Series thermal imagers are available at local FLIR-authorized distributors.


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