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‘Total Electric Asset Management’ is found in numerous applications throughout commercial, industrial, process, manufacturing, and residential applications. It is found anywhere mechanical or electrical process takes place. It is very unusual for any one company to possess. C.W. Silver, however, is a very unique company. C.W. Silver has many qualities and attributes that qualifies it as the Premier Electric Asset Management Company in the Intermountain area; one of which qualities is preventive maintenance services.

Preventative maintenance services include monitoring and testing of electrical equipment to assure system optimization. Scheduled maintenance plans help extend the life of electrical equipment. It is especially important for ski resorts because their equipment is so heavily used during one part of the year and an electrical failure could cause a safety and sales threat. C.W. Silver has a preventive maintenance contract with many Intermountain ski resorts which drastically reduces the chance of failures happening.

In 2006, A major Utah ski resort installed a new ski lift. This lift was going to be heavily used, so it was important that it be working correctly. C.W. Silver was asked to test the ski lift motors for any potential problems. Because the ski resort has C.W. Silver to do preventive maintenance for many years, they knew that they could count C.W. Silver’s services.

After interpreting the test results, Gary Lucero, C.W. Silver’s motor service specialist, found that the motor foundation was not strong enough for the types of loads that were being created by the lift. After more testing, Gary Lucero was able to find that the ski lift’s drive-end bearings had started to fail and the motor foundation was loosening.

It was found that the motor foundation issues were caused by the ski lift’s design. The ski resort was able to use our test results as grounds to have the lift redesigned and fixed by the manufacturer. This was good because the motor was still under warranty, so there was no cost incurred. Had the ski resort not asked C.W. Silver to test the ski lift, it may have cost them a lot of money and possibly their customer’s safety.

The ski resort continues to use C.W. Silver as their total electrical asset managers, especially for preventive maintenance services.

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  1. GM C S recreation I don’t know in your full details and this is govt registered or not?any legal documents sent to me my mail I’d.after registration any investment are recharg? please reply to me.
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