Success Stories: Electric Utilities

Electric Powerlines

Most industries require a reliable source of electricity. They often backup their main electricity source with generators, hoping that in time of need, the alternative electricity source will suffice. When companies grow their facility beyond the capacity of their generators, problems can occur. One major electric power company in the northwestern United States experienced this issue.

The electric power facility required much more power than their 7kW Onan backup generator could offer. The generator was causing unacceptable downtime, which in turn, was causing revenue loss. The company realized that something had to be done.

They contacted Bart Peterson, Energy Management Corporation’s top generator service technician, about the issue. Bart visited the location to do some testing and to evaluate the situation. It was found that not only was the generator too small for the facility, but the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) was set up in a way that made it extremely difficult to maintain and work with. It seemed that the main power was hooked to the ATS instead of the bypass connector, and this layout caused additional problems with their backup power.

Bart replaced the smaller 7kW Onan generator with a larger 20kW Generac generator, re-routed the main power through the bypass line instead of the ATS, and designed and built a custom exhaust system so that the larger generator would not overheat. This retrofit turn-key project was a success. The company asked Energy Management Corporation to upgrade their other facilities. Those also were successful.

The major electric power company understands the importance of a reliable supply of electricity. Energy Management Corporation continues to work with them offering advice and service.

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